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A Message from Our Founders:

With over 20 years of experience in the electronics industry, we specialize in Security and Access Control Systems, CCTV, Networking, and Wi-Fi solutions. Our passion lies in problem-solving and pushing the boundaries of technological possibilities.

Our team comprises innovative thinkers and problem solvers. We're committed to staying at the forefront of rapidly evolving technology, constantly learning and challenging ourselves to deliver cutting-edge solutions.

Hugh Symons - M. Bellwicz, Site Manager - "Their advice and knowledge are unparalleled... their remote support is years ahead of their competitors."

With over 40 years of combined industry experience, we've observed both successful and challenging projects. We've identified that issues often arise in the areas where different trades intersect. Our integrated approach eliminates these communication gaps, preventing blame-shifting between various specialists and ensuring a seamless experience for our clients.

SCA Group - Steve King, Chairman - "Since our first engagement, Simpli-Fi.IT has implemented fully integrated CCTV and Alarm systems across several of our remote operations, resulting in significant time and cost savings."

At Simpli-Fi.IT, we offer a comprehensive solution, taking full responsibility for each project from inception to completion. Our approach streamlines the installation process and simplifies service work, providing our clients with a single point of contact for all their technology needs.

NJG International -Tom Horswell - "Simpli-Fi provided a fantastic install and aftercare service for multiple sites for me including intercoms, network, CCTV and alarms. Tidy, professional and very reliable. Would highly recommend."

Choose Simpli-Fi.IT for a more efficient, cost-effective, and integrated approach to your technology requirements.

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In today's connected world, reliable wireless connectivity is crucial for most modern devices. However, contemporary building materials and insulation can often hinder radio waves, resulting in frustrating "dead spots" and slow network speeds throughout your property.

Our tailored Wi-Fi infrastructure solutions are designed to address these challenges, providing:

  • Comprehensive coverage: Eliminate weak signals and dead zones

  • Seamless roaming: Move freely within and around your property without losing connection

  • Improved speeds: Enjoy consistent, high-performance networking in every area

  • Forward-thinking design: Our systems adapt to the growing number of wireless devices in your home or business

Let us enhance your wireless communications, ensuring a dependable and robust network that meets all your connectivity needs.

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Advanced Intelligent Security Solutions

Elevate your surveillance with our AI-enhanced CCTV systems. Our Starlight technology delivers clear 4K Ultra-HD footage day and night, while smart analytics transform your cameras into proactive security assets.

Key Features:

  • 24/7 AI-assisted threat detection (abandoned objects, intrusions, crowd monitoring)

  • Prompt alerts and automated responses (mobile notifications, alarm triggering, access control integration)

  • Integration with existing security systems (intrusion detection, fire safety, building management)

  • Business intelligence applications (retail analytics, industrial safety monitoring)

Our adaptable, customizable solutions go beyond traditional surveillance, creating a comprehensive security ecosystem that actively protects your assets and enhances operations. From small businesses to large campuses, we tailor our AI-enhanced CCTV to meet your specific needs, ensuring a smarter, safer environment.

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Enhance your security with our modern access control systems. Ensure the right people access the right areas at the right time using advanced authentication methods.

Key Features:

  • Multi-factor authentication (biometrics, smart cards, mobile credentials, vehicle recognition)

  • Integration with CCTV, HR systems, and building management

  • Automated time and attendance tracking

  • Real-time occupancy monitoring and dynamic fire roll call

  • Cloud-based management for multi-site control

Our scalable solution goes beyond entry management, offering operational insights and simplified compliance. From single offices to large campuses, our customizable system adapts to your needs, creating safer and more efficient spaces.

Transform your security infrastructure with access control that grows with your business, providing robust protection and streamlined operations in one intelligent package.

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Enhance your property entrance with our discrete gate automation solutions. Combining convenience, security, and smart technology for effortless access control.

Key Features:

  • Multiple control options: smartphone app, voice commands, biometrics, and traditional remotes

  • Advanced security: facial recognition, license plate detection, and behaviour analysis

  • Integration with CCTV and access control systems for comprehensive security

  • Smart scheduling: time-based access permissions and automatic open/close routines

  • Real-time notifications and video verification of all gate activities

Our adaptable systems suit various gate types and property sizes, from residential driveways to large commercial complexes. Experience the ideal blend of convenience and security with gate automation that anticipates your needs and safeguards your property.

Improve your entrance security with intelligent gate solutions that offer smooth operation and peace of mind in one sophisticated package.

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Enjoy superior protection with our advanced intruder alarm systems, designed to meet and exceed current UK security standards while offering intuitive user control and support.

Key Features:

  • Smartphone app for real-time monitoring and control from anywhere

  • Instant push notifications and live video feed access

  • 24/7 remote engineer support for prompt assistance and troubleshooting

  • Integration with CCTV, access control, and home automation systems

Our flexible solutions cater to diverse needs, from premium residential to commercial and retail premises. Partnering with industry leader Texecom, we ensure high-quality performance and reliability.

Enhance your security with an intelligent alarm system that puts control in your hands and expert support just a tap away, providing peace of mind around the clock.

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Harry Rocks Restaurant - Bournemouth

The Nici Hotel - Bournemouth

Avington Park - Avington, Winchester

Hunt Forest / John Deere - Green Ore

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